Move Over, Slow Down…It’s the LAW
By Member Elizabeth Rudd
November 2, 2022

Move Over, Slow Down, it’s the LAW.
This week engine 651 and its personnel had a near miss incident.

While working an accident on the interstate a second accident occurred causing a vehicle to narrowly miss hitting the fire apparatus by 6 feet and ended just a mere 20 feet from all of the crew members. We are thankful our crew were not injured and no damage done to the engine because it could have had a very different outcome.

It is the LAW to move over and slow down when you see flashing lights. Even with our crew properly blocking lanes, cones, flares and reflective vests this almost turned into a nightmare for our county. Nothing you are doing while you are driving is more important than staying focused and alert to changing road conditions including flashing lights ahead. Please don’t drive distracted, be prepared to move over and slow down so that we all can return home to our families.