Fire Prevention Week 2022
By Member Elizabeth Rudd
October 15, 2022

Today for Fire Prevention Week Station 5 had the privilege to visit with the kids of Goochland Elementary along with the preschoolers. Captain Jenna Nelson, Lieutenant Chase Stigberg, FF/EMT Dalton Mayo, FF/EMT Chris Tenley, FF/EMT David Dowdy and FF Zach Rudd spent the morning teaching about how to call 911, stop drop and roll, go low away from smoke, they got to see FF Rudd in bunker gear and masked up so they could see he wasn’t scary if they ever needed a FF to help them, they saw all of the fun equipment and tools on the fire engine and ambulance today. We hope your kids will come home this afternoon and tell you all that they learned about fired education. We appreciate the opportunity to come out and share fire safety with your children today.