Water Rescue
By Member Elizabeth Rudd
November 11, 2020

Goochland County Fire Rescue received a call at 6:40pm on November 9,2020 for a water rescue on the James River at Wakins Landing. The incident was a search and rescue for one victim who was paddle boarding and when the sunset occurred they became disoriented to their location, knowing they were far away from their destination they were able to make a call to a friend before their cell phone battery died. That friend was quick thinking with calling 911. Goochland, Powhatan and Chesterfield were all called to assist. Rescue teams were staged and put in the water at both Robious Landing and Watkins Landing. After some time the victim was located and brought to shore in good condition. Other than being a little cold and a little shaken the patient was warmed up in the medic and was released a short time later.
On scene: Chief 601, Chief 602, Medic 650, Brush 605, Boat 605, Brush 604, Boat 604, Medic 640, Engine 641, Medic 721, Car 701, Chief 702, EMS 702, Dive Boat 214, Scuba Rescue 214, Water Rescue 214, Medic 214, Medic 207, Brush 207, Boat 207, Scuba Rescue 207, Safety 201, Battalion 203, Engine 204.

****make sure you follow safety guidelines when going out in the river such as using a life jacket, knowing where on the river you are and plan to go, how long it takes to get from point to point, don’t go out by yourself and always know the river level.

Several of these pictures get photo credit to Christian Davies of Chesterfield Fire Pics